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Burggraf Skating was started Roseau, Minnesota by internationally renown skating guru Nancy Burggraf in the late 50s and early 1960s.  The program foundation is the skating skills.  From a skating club concept that brought young skaters on the ice with Nancy to a traveling Ice Show Review with skating charactors and cast, the simple approach of edge control, balance, and polished skating skills  has evolved into the industry leading Total On & Off Ice Integrated Training that is SPECIFIC to skating as it applies to hockey and to the INDIVIDUAL who skates in the game of hockey.  

Hockey is a simple concept as a game.  Put the puck in the net more than your oppenent and you will win the game.  Even more simplistic is the fact that there is only one puck on the ice during a game and if you and your team can skate, you will have the puck more than your opponents.  Sounds simple enough.  The sad fact is that skating is the single most important aspect of hockey, yet it is the least understood, and most over coached skill set in the game.  Too often, the command "SKATE" is used to coach a skater in the game.   "MOVE YOUR FEET!" is another station for deveoping skating.  The problem is,  if you are skating poorly and never improve your skating skills, you are only getting better at skating poorly.... longer!  

We have trained over 150 NHL players in the past 25 years in the Total On and Off Ice ISOTM program. We have had the pleasure of working with many talented skaters  and coaches from many levels of hockey. 

The Proof is in the Skating … the fact that a small hockey town in northern Minnesota, the origin of Burggraf Skating Skills, with a total population of 2500 people has the most State Hockey Tournament appearances than any other school in the state. Why – Because every player has been exposed to proper skating development and has learned to skate well! The simplistic attitude of the hockey tradition is to expose the young skaters to a strong skating foundation and then let them go play.  Simple enough.  But the key is developing proper techniques and skills that create a strong foundation to build upon for each skater.

Over 45 years of knowledge, experience, dedication, and commitment to developing the skating game as it applies to hockey. No other program can come close or even compare. It is an honor for us, the sons of our mother, to continue to carry on the rich traditions of her legacy for all skaters.

The Burggraf ISOTM is a Total On & Off Ice System like no other. It encompasses over 45 years of the best on ice programs that target the individual weaknesses of the skater in the game of hockey with 28 years of off ice research and development. The two work hand in hand following applied science principles of human mechanics. Deficiencies on ice are put under the microscope off the ice and turned into strengths in the off ice program. Again, no other program can even come close to our unique  “arena” of development.

It is time … put our professional experience to work for you!

Thank you for your interests in our program!

"Keep Your Stick Down, & Your Head Up!"sm


Frank Burggraf

701 293-5553

Please take a moment to listen to the interview with 14 year NHL player 

Curtis Brown on our Testimonial page.